Welcome to Hilton Farm

Hilton Farm, is owned by Mr. & Mrs. O. R. Fuchs, located in
scenic and historic Central Virginia. Nestled amongst the foothills
of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is approximately 2 hours south of Washington, D.C. and 1 hour west of Richmond. Hilton Farm consists of 1,000 acres of rolling meadows and woodlands and supports more than 150 brood cows, loblolly pines, and hardwood forest.

Hilton’s horse facility specializes in the breeding and sale of Hanoverian horses. Stallions and broodmares are selected based on strong pedigrees, confirmation, movement & above all else…Temperament!  

To meet the changing needs of the North American Sport Horse Breeder, the Fuchs Family offers a diverse selection of breeding and performance horses from their private breeding program. Whatever your discipline may be, Hilton Farm is sure to meet your needs.


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