1985 - 2012

Letkiss by Lungau out of Welfin, 16.2 H, Hanoverian Stallion

Letkiss was bought by Mr. Fuchs not only for his beauty, but also for his excellent jumping ability. In his day, he was proven to be very talented in jumping and dressage. His offspring inherited his elasticity, movement, jumping ability, and solid disposition.

Letkiss was chosen for his exceptional jumping ability, sound character, and physical beauty. Manfred Lapp, manager of the stallion testing station in Adelheisdorf at the time, confirmed that Letkiss had exceptional talents. Mr. Fuchs, purchased and imported Letkiss in 1988.

After being imported to the U.S., Letkiss fulfilled expectations in the show ring before an injury ended his competitive career. USET rider and Dressage judge Carol Lavell gave Letkiss a score of 9 on his gaits and an overall dressage score of 69.583% which afforded him a division High Score of the Show award at Dressage at Commonwealth. Letkiss also competed in jumper shows where he proved his jumping ability and demonstrated his scope.

As a sire, Letkiss proved himself time and again. Among his offspring have been at least 6 elite mares and numerous exceptional riding horses who are known for their large, elastic way of going, reliable temperaments, and uncomplicated lightness in the bridle. His son Loriot was 8th overal nationwide in the USDF standings at 4th level in 2001.